• Milwaukee Sprayer provides green solutions

    Long before “climate change” and “global warming” were household terms, Milwaukee Sprayer Manufacturing Co. was designing and producing a product line that enables auto repair shops and other users of spray liquids to stop using hundreds of aerosol cans a year.

  • Blue skies for Amalga Composites
    Amalga Composites’ custom-engineered products are cruising the sky above Afghanistan in unmanned drones, gliding through the ocean as part of underwater testing equipment and slicing through the air as the sleek white blades of wind turbines.
  • Reeling Cart & Case makes moving easier for businesses
    When a business decides to move its operations to a different location, it can be exciting. But it also entails a very practical, logistical reality: how to physically move desks, cubicle panels, files and other equipment from one place to another.



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  • Let me take you on a (safe) sea cruise
    Radio station promotions slow following Sept. 11
    Jon Belmont, morning news anchor at WTMJ-AM radio, hesitated to make an announcement, shortly after Sept. 11, a promotion aimed at the station's listeners.
    (Nov. 16, 2001)
  • Calendar Volley
    While tourism lobby applauds late school start, school districts scramble
    After years of lobbying, Wisconsin's tourism industry is likely to succeed in its efforts to start the school year later in the summer - on Sept. 1 or after.
    (Aug. 31, 2001)