Copy editing

Actual catches made as a copy editor or proofer on copy about to go to press:

Why you can’t rely on spell-check:
  • Sheriff's officers went to the scene Friday afternoon and found the body of the 50-year-old Menomonie man who had been operating the motorcycle. He had gone off the road into a deep raven and hit a tree. (They meant ravine.)

  • A juvenile suffered a punctured lunch after he was stabbed in the chest and head March 17. (should be punctured lung)

  • The patient had basil cell carcinoma. (It’s basal cell; basil is an herb)

  • Part of the reason turkeys are so hearty is because they have been able to adapt to their surroundings. (Make that hardy.)

  • Times Square returned to business as usual Friday, as police investigating the explosion at a military recruiting center looked at dozens of security videotapes, hoping to identify the bicycle-riding bomber. Among the videos was one showing a cyclist peddling toward an area where a bicycle was found ditched in the trash, and another with someone walking away from the same spot, police said.  (Try pedaling – peddling is to sell something.)

  • Now, it’s not only being protected from vandalism, it’s being protected from mildew, likens and mosses, he said. (Should be lichens.)

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