Professional Copy editor for mediaIsn't that what readers want? The satisfaction in reading an article in a newspaper, magazine or digital publication is learning something new.

Kay Nolan combines solid research and thorough reporting with impeccable writing skills and journalistic integrity to produce top-quality writing, from brief articles to entire publications. Kay tackles the difficult subjects, such as scientific research, medical and health issues, government regulation and business and financial news in a way that is accurate and truly informative, while at the same time easy for the average reader to understand.

Kay's other strength is capturing the human interest element in her subjects. Her integrity, insistence on accuracy and objectivity, combined with an approachable, compassionate nature and genuine interest in others has enabled her to gain the trust of sources ranging from the most emotional -- family members at the time of a tragic death or murder; to the most intellectual - scientists and doctors developing complex experiments and treatments; from the most publicity-shy -- an individual born without arms and legs or a traumatized hostage victim; to the most publicity-driven -- lawmakers, public officials and business leaders.

It's about bringing you the news. There is news in every type of publication, printed or online, whether published for a specific audience, industry, or the general public.

As a writer, Kay believes in bringing the reader real, useful information. She will not mask a lack of thorough reporting or understanding of a subject with vague generic statements, corporate-speak, legalese or other jargon. Nor will she waste your time by simply re-packaging old news. 

As a copy editor or proofreader, Kay will guarantee not only impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation, but will fine-tune copy to ensure that it is accurate, understandable and engaging.

It's all about accuracy. It's all about credibility.  It's all about engaging the reader.

In other words, "I'll tell you something you don't know."